Nova hosts The Assembly - the name for the work which ensures a strong and clear voice for the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise sector (VCSE) in Wakefield District.

The Assembly for Wakefield District links groups, organisations and partnership boards together, in order to ensure a strong and clear voice for the VCSE locally. Through these links The Assembly aims to provide a platform for strategic influence, information sharing, discussion and action to bring about positive change in Wakeifield.

The objectives of The Assembly are:

  • To ensure there is adequate VCSE representation on strategic partnerships across Wakefield District.
  • To be a two-way link for sharing of information with VCSE colleagues and statutory partners.
  • To ensure that local policies and practice take into account the views, needs and assets of the VCSE.
  • To provide a platform for campaigning and engagement on key issues facing the VCSE.

The Assembly does this by:

  • Facilitating the representation and accountability of VCSE representatives at relevant statutory partnerships.
  • Sharing information between organisations, groups and partners at meetings and events and through the Nova website and e-bulletins.
  • Working closely with the statutory sector and the VCSE to foster partnership working and identify opportunities .
  • Developing and supporting Task & Finish groups to focus on specific issues, including campaigns.

The Assembly Representatives

The Assembly Representatives are VCSE colleagues which attend the Wakefield Together Strategic Partnership Boards. The Wakefield Together Strategic Partnership Boards and Assembly Represnetatives are:

Health and Wellbeing Board

Maddy Sutcliffe | Nova | Email:

The Health and Wellbeing Board brings together key organisations to oversee the plans for improving the health and well-being of the people in Wakefield. The Board uses information from people living and working in Wakefield for its Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) of the main health, well-being and social care issues in the district. The Board meets every other month and if you are interested members of the public can attend. Details of what the Board have been discussing and the dates of next board meeting are available from the Wakefield Council meetings diary.

Children and Young People Partnership

Emily Castle | Young Lives Consortium | Contact:

Berni O'Brien | St George's Community Centre | Contact:

The Children and Young People Partnership (CYPP) aims to deliver the best possible future for children and young people across the district. It brings together professionals from key organisations to lead the response to district objectives.

Community Safety Partnership

Alistair Crompton (Deputy) | Five Towns Christian Fellowship | Contact:

The Community Safety Partnership (CSP) works to develop safer communities in Wakefield District and is committed to: reducing and preventing crime, reducing the fear of crime, reducing anti-social behaviour, reducing re-offending, combating the misuse of drugs, alcohol and other substances, reducing domestic abuse and ensuring services are delivered in a cohesive, focused way across all agencies supporting locality working.

Safeguarding Children Board

Janice Hawkes | Barnardos and Young Lives Consortium | Contact:

The Wakefield and District Safeguarding Children Board (WDSCB) is a partnership of relevant statutory, voluntary and community agencies involved in safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all of Wakefield's children and young people.

Safeguarding Adults Board

Ian Wilson | Age UK Wakefield District | Contact:

The Wakefield and District Safeguarding Adults Board (WDSAB) works to ensure that adults are safe and will feel safe within their homes, within their communities and in other settings. The Board is chaired by an independent chair and has representatives from a range of different agencies from health and housing to police, ambulance and fire services.

Third Sector Strategy Group

The Third Sector Strategy Group (TSSG) is currently consulting on the draft Third Sector Strategy 2018-21 and is accountable for this to the Wakefield Together Partnership. It provides strategic oversight and coordination to the development of effective partnership between the Third Sector (also known as the Voluntary and Community Sector) in Wakefield and the statutory sector.

The following third sector representatives that usually attend:

  • Mike Holt | St George‚Äôs Lupset & Nova Chair
  • Maddy Sutcliffe | Nova CEO
  • Emily Castle | Young Lives Consortium
  • Liz Halliday | Citizens Advice Wakefield District

Wakefield First

No current VCSE representation

Wakefield First (also known as Wakefield Enterprise Partnership) is a strategic partnership responsible for attracting inward investment, supporting trade, and raising the profile of the city.

The focus is on: sustainable economic growth, job creation and promotion of the Wakefield District as a vibrant, dynamic and competitive region with global aspirations.

Get involved

Voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations are encouraged to join Nova and add their voice to The Assembly.

A large membership, that is representative of the sector, has more authority and influence, helping the voice of the sector to be heard. To be part of The Assembly you need to join Nova as a member. Membership is free and gives access to other Nova services, as well as The Assembly. After you have registered you can login to the My Nova members pages on the website.

Get in touch

The Assembly is the voice of the sector so please get in touch if there are issues affecting your organisation, that may also be affecting the wider VCS, or if you have any questions about The Assembly, please contact us by emailing or calling 01924 367418.