Nova is the support agency for the voluntary and community sector in Wakefield District, established in 2013.

Nova provides a range of services for the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector in Wakefield District. This includes:

  • Online and face to face support for groups and organisations including our diagnostic tool Nova ASSIST - available in Wakefield exclusively to Nova members. Your organisation can become a member on this page, and once your organisation is a member then your staff and volunteers can also have access to our pages by signing up with the organisation membership key.
  • The Assembly for Wakefield District - Creating a stronger voice for the voluntary and community sector.
  • Nova Contracts - providing opportunities for groups and organisations to deliver contracts in the statutory sector. 
  • Nova Volunteering - helping groups to recruit and retain volunteers. To find out more visit the Volunteering pages.

To fully benefit from our services, you'll need to be a member of Nova. You can find out more about membership here.