At Nova we are committed to making our website usable by all people, whatever their abilities or disabilities. While the site has been created to be usable "as is", many people are likely to find that by using certain on screen customisations they can make the site work better for them - for example by increasing the size of the text or getting the site to speak to them.

Accessiblity Shortcuts

Increasing text size

You can make text bigger and smaller using a combination of keys. The keys you use will depend on whether you're using a Windows PC or an Apple Mac:

  • PC/Windows - Ctrl key and + to zoom in, or - to zoom out.
  • Apple Mac OSX Apple Cmd key and + to zoom in, or - to zoom out.

Using Access Keys

Access keys allow you to skip around the website using your keyboard instead of a mouse. The access keys available are:

  • S - skip navigation
  • 1 - Home page
  • 4 - Search page
  • 9 - Contact us page

In order to use the access keys, again you'll have to use them in combination with some special keys on your keyboard. These special keys differ depending on whether you're using a PC or a Mac and also depending on what browser you're using. You can find a good guide to which keys to use for which system right here.

There are also some excellent guides on how to make the web work for you on the BBC's site My Web My Way.

Evernote Clearly

You can also use Evernote Clearly to set your own parameters on how a page looks.

Let us know

If there are ways we could improve the accessibility of this site, we really want you to tell us. You can Contact us using this link, and to help us pass your comments to the correct person, please put "Website Accessibility" in the title.