19th October, 2015

Nova had lots of positive feedback and there was a great mix of learning and sharing at the 2015 annual event.

Well, it feels like all that hard work payed off.  We (the staff at Nova) were a bit overwhelmed at the nice things people had to say about us.  At the same time it's so lovely to know that what we do makes a difference, and it's so wonderful to hear your tales of success.

On Wednesday 7 October, 87 people attended the Nova AGM representing 38 member organisations. You've told us many times that events like this provide you with a great opportunity to network and it was great to see so many of you forging new friendships and generally making the most of the day. 

We were also able to welcome a number of our friends from the statutory sector and as we forge forwards we know that our (and your) links with them will be crucial. It is gratifying to see that despite the cuts facing us from all angles we are all doing our utmost to continue to provide the services so needed in the area. Through building our links to each other one thing is certain, we really are stronger together!

A big thank you to all the organisations that took part in the presentations - St George's, Dominion, the Senior Citizens Support Group, Standbridge Centre, Incredible Edible and Castleford Heritage Trust.

All of your stories demonstrated how much passion there is for our district and how much can be done when the motivation is inspired by community.  You were all a testament to the words of Neil Berry, we really do have a rich and intermingled tapestry in Wakefield District and all of our communities are the richer for it!  The challenge as Neil identified is to ensure that we weave opportunities and income through our current structures to build on our strengths and enable us to grow current and new services.

We hope you enjoyed the day and got something out of it and we hope to see you again next year...but please don't wait until our AGM; do contact us and let us know what help we can give you to help you strengthen your organisation, meet new partners and ensure your success. 

And finally...do let us know in the comments below if there was anything at the Nova Event which worked particularly well, something you enjoyed or something you think we could do better at. 

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By Narinder Gill: Oct 26, 2015 at 12:19 PM

I am sorry to have missed the event and wanted to say well done to all the team at Nova, as I truly believe it is organisations like yours that connect the dots for the local people, making good levels of support accessible.

By Alison Haskins: Oct 30, 2015 at 04:03 PM

Thanks so much for your comment Narinder - we really appreciate it and glad we are doing something positive in the district

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