8th July, 2016

Hi I'm Michael and I'm a student at Horbury Academy in Wakefield. From 4 - 8 of July 2016 I completed my work experience at Nova.

I should start off by saying my name is Michael Schurbaum and that this is my first blog so bear with me!

I’m in Year 10 and I am doing my work experience so I can get a better understanding of how the working world will be like. Naturally, with someone who has never had any previous jobs, this was all new to me and I had to adapt to the new environment I was put into and that new environment was an office/charity called Nova (I’m sure you are well aware of that because this blog is on their website!).

My First Day

I’ve got to admit, it was a bit daunting when I first walked up to the building because I didn’t know what to expect or how the employees would react to this novice to the world of work; thankfully, I was given a warm welcome by the Chief Executive, Alison and by other members of staff and this put me at ease. After the welcome, Alison gave me an introduction to Nova by giving me a tour of the building and then by telling me what Nova is and what it does and this gave me and idea of what to expect.

What I Did

I did a variety of things such as collating information, photocopying, laminating and making a spreadsheet– I even created and uploaded things like funding information and events onto the website. I think the most interesting thing I did was going to the workplace event and setting up the Nova stall in Unity hall because it really gave me an idea of what workers had to do and it showed me not all work was in an office. One thing I didn’t realise was how the ICT knowledge I gained from school would play an integral part in my work. For example, if I didn’t learn how to use Microsoft Excel I wouldn’t have been able to make a spreadsheet for Karen!

After I finish high school I would like to go to college to study computer science and biology. The reason I want to study these subjects is because when I leave education I hope to be a biomedical engineer because I find technology fascinating.

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By Helen Sims: Jul 08, 2016 at 11:31 AM


thanks for your blog- i really enjoyed reading about your experience and I think it is important for people like me in the workplace to be reminded what its like to come into a new organisation for the first time (as it was many years ago that i had that experience and have forgotten). I think your observation about ICT skills is spot on- and from my experience you will use digital throughout your education and work life, so its great to try technology out and learn from it.

All the best with your future
(a biomedical science graduate, now working in the charity sector!)

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