Public consultations will often be of interest to the voluntary and community sector in Wakefield and District. On this page we give details of local and (relevant) national consultations that have come to our attention.

100% business rates retention

Deadline: 26th Sep 2016

This consultation seeks views on the government’s commitment to allow local councils to retain 100% of the business rates that they raise locally. Specifically this consultation seeks to identify some of the issues that should be kept in mind when designing the reforms.

The government has announced it will undertake a fair funding review of what the needs assessment formula should be following the implementation of 100% business rates retention. As a first step, alongside this consultation, the government has issued a call for evidence which sets out the key questions that will need to be addressed as part of this review.

The 100% retention of business rates by local government is a reform that councils have long campaigned for – and which central government is now committed to. Implementing this vitally important change will mean that 100% of all taxes raised locally are retained by local government.

Please respond by 26 September 2016

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Consultation on official warnings to charities and trustees

Deadline: 23rd Sep 2016

The Charities (Protection and Social Investment) Act 2016 gives the Charity Commission a power to issue official warnings to a trustee or to a charity when it considers that there has been a breach of trust or duty, or other misconduct or mismanagement in the charity. This power will supplement the commission’s existing powers for dealing with wrongdoing in charities. It’s similar to powers that many other regulators have. 

The commission is seeking views on how it may use this new power. The responses to this consultation will help the commission to shape the approach it takes. As this is a new power, the commission expects to develop its approach over time, in light of its experience of using it.

Please respond by 5pm on Friday 23 September 2016

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VCSE Review of Health and Social Care

The VCSE Review was commissioned by the Department of Health, NHS England, and Public Health England to find out more about people's experiences and to gather evidence of the contribution the Voluntary Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector makes. 

In January 2015 VCSE Review started a year-long review of partnerships and investment in the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector. The purpose of VCSE Review is to: 

  • Describe the role of the VCSE sector in contributing to improving health, wellbeing and care outcomes 
  • Identify and describe challenges and opportunities to realising the potential of the sector to contribute to these outcomes 
  • Consult on options for policy and practice changes to address challenges and maximise opportunities, then develop final recommendations

Interim Report
In March 2015 the VCSE Review Interim Report (.pdf, 78 pages) was published with their findings to date and highlighting a number of areas for further consideration. The next stage in the review process is to gather views about the challenges identified and options suggested in the interim report. 

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The VCSE "Joint review of partnerships and investment in voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations in the health and care sector" was published in May 2016. It explores in detail how voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) organisations contribute to wellbeing, health and care.

Download a copy of the Review and read more on the .gov website.

The VCSE Review has been commissioned by the Department of Health, NHS England, and Public Health England, the VCSE Review is overseen by its advisory group of representatives including those from the voluntary sector.

Social Value Act Review

The Social Value Act requires people who commission, or buy, public services to consider securing added economic, social or environmental benefits for their local area - putting social value at the heart of what they do. The Act currently applies only to service contracts over the EU threshold, at the pre-procurement stage.

The Public Services (Social Value Act) 2012 was passed at the end of February 2012 and came into force on 31 January 2013.

The Act requires commissioners to think about what value they can secure for their area when buying services. At the pre-procurement stage, commissioners must consider how the services they are going to buy might improve the economic, social, and environmental well-being of the area, how they might secure this improvement, and whether they should consult on these issues. 

The Act applies to public service contracts, including those with an element of goods and works, but does not apply to public goods or works contracts.

The announcement that the Act is to be reviewed is great news for the Voluntary and Community Sector and the government have launched an online consultation which is open to anyone. This is a fantastic opportunity to make your voice heard and help shape government policy. 

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The Cabinet Office review of the Social Value Act was published in February 2015. 

Download a copy of the Social Value Act Review (.pdf) and read more on the .gov website.