Information on Nova contract management and sub-contracting opportunities.

One of Nova’s key functions is to manage large contracts that our member organisations are not able to bid for on an individual basis. This may be due to the scale of delivery required, the geographic coverage required or lack of a track record in contract delivery.

Applying for Contracts

Before Nova applies for a contract, we usually seek interest from at least three of our member organisations to make it worthwhile and viable for Nova to consider bidding for specific contracts. If we are successful with a bid, we then sub-contract delivery to Nova members that have completed an Expression of Interest (EOI) and are able to meet the needs of the contract.

To be considered for a sub-contract opportunity with Nova you need to:

  • Be a member of Nova
  • Have a track-record of delivery with clients that meets the requirements of the service
  • Have a sound financial base and good accounting procedures
  • Have the capacity to produce the required management information
  • Be prepared to accept a target-driven approach

If you are successful with your EOI Nova will fully support you throughout the delivery period of the contract to ensure that all partners deliver the best outcomes for contract beneficiaries. Contract delivery is only as good as the weakest link, so it is essential that all delivery partners work together in a cohesive, supportive partnership. Nova holds the ISO 9001 quality mark to assure commissioners that we have the capability and capacity to successfully manage contracts.

Hopefully this doesn’t sound too daunting as Nova is here to take away most of the laborious administration, leaving you free to work effectively with contract beneficiaries.

Find out more

You can find information about our current contracts in the website menu. If you do have any questions then please feel free to contact Stephen Robinson - Nova Contracts and Performance Manager by email at or by calling 01924 367418.

More information about how contracts work, is available in our Resources for Members section. You need to be a Nova member to access this section, find out about membership.