Survivors West Yorkshire has just published a new self help guide for male victims/survivors of child sexual abuse and adult rape. Please use the guide in your work and print off a copy for anyone who you think might benefit from it.

Male victimisation creates responses which are often classic examples of victim blaming and silencing - to disclose as a male victim of rape/abuse is to risk having that violation compounded by the cultural denial of such crimes against males.

This West Yorkshire Male Survivor Self Help Guide has been produced to let male survivors know that they are not alone. That they can help themselves - until awareness grows to the point that service provision is commissioned that addresses male victim-survivor need based on researched evidence and professionally evaluated intervention methodologies. Survivors West Yorkshire suggests the whole community would benefit from such provision, not just its male clients.

In the end that means prioritising hope over silencing and blaming.

Survivors West Yorkshire hopes you will support hope by championing and sharing the guide proactively in West Yorkshire in 2014.

There are also a number of resources and reports which can be found on the library of the Matrix West Yorkshire site here.

You can access West Yorkshire focused information about sexual violence-abuse survivor resources for both females and males at:


email: directly for advice and signposting.

(Article adapted from a paper by Foster, Boyd and O'Leary 2012 - (Victims No Longer is the title of Mike Lew's classic guide for male survivors: