UK registered charities working with children and young people who are disabled, hospitalised, homeless, or life limited will have four opportunities to apply for funding in 2014.

Established in November 2000 as Hilton Worldwide's charity dedicated to supporting children and young people in need, the Hilton in the Community Foundation focuses its grants programme in the UK and Ireland on supporting children and young people up to the age of 25 who are most in need. It is both a fundraising charity and a grant-giving foundation which raises and distributes more than £1 million in grants each year.

Charities registered in the UK for at least one year, and with normal charitable expenditure of less than £2 million, can apply for a Central Grant as long as they are working in the areas of young people and education or young people and health with a project focusing on one of the following areas of disadvantage:

  • Children and young people with disabilities.
  • Children and young people who are sick in hospital.
  • Young people who are homeless.
  • Young people and children who are life limited (requiring palliative care).

Approximately £150,000 is distributed each quarter to specific projects. Charities can apply for any amount of money that is required by their project, but they should bear in mind that the Foundation is a small charity and does not generally make awards of more than £30,000 per year to one organisation. Grants can be awarded for medium to long-term projects (more than one year) or for one-off causes. A maximum limit of two years of support can be provided (usually in the form of a grant paid in annual instalments).

Faith groups in the community may apply if they are registered as a charity and offer fully inclusive (multi-faith) activities for both boys and girls.

Competition for this grant is keen. Grant recipients are asked to wait five years before reapplying. Unsuccessful applicants are asked to wait for at least 12 months from the date of their rejection letter to reapply.

The 2014 deadlines for applications are 11 February, 6 May, 29 July and 14 October 2014.

Further information can be found on the Hilton in the Community Foundation website.