Nova held its first birthday AGM at Unity Hall on the 1st October 2014.

The staff and board of Nova were delighted to see so many members and representatives of the statutory sector at the AGM last week. The event was a great success and allowed us to take stock of the past year.

The day started with Mike Holt, Nova's Chairman asking us to consider whether Nova had achieved the goals it set itself. Looking back over a very busy year it now seems amazing how far we have come and how much we've done. We all watched the Nova Movie which briefly details our services and then listened while each of the key Nova staff talked us through the main achievements in their area. You can see the full set of slides here

The highlights include: 

  • 79 organisations helped 
  • Volunteer forum with 60+ members from the third sector, the Council, Police, NHS and ambulance service 
  • Successful delivery of contracts like the Support for Families programme from which 204 people have been helped into jobs. 

A quick poll of the room revealed that our website and e-bulletin are well used and people use Facebook more than twitter - perhaps something for us to move towards.

It was wonderful for us to be able to welcome Vicky Ringer and her mum from the charity Levi's Star who talked movingly about the challenges of setting up the charity and how Nova had been able to help. We wish them success with the new drop in centre and thank them for helping us by telling their story.

Thanks also to James Rees from the Third Sector Research Centre who gave an interesting talk about the Shifting Sands in this Era of Uncertainty. This was followed by panel questions taken by Judy Robinson from Involve, Andrew Balchin from Wakefield Council, Alison Haskins from Nova and James himself.  

At the end of the day we had a short (squeezed) feedback session which gave us some valuable food for thought - the notes are attached below.

Thank you for your attendance and whether or not you made it to the AGM, we hope we'll be able to work with your organisation through the year.

Once again the links:

The Nova Movie

Slides for each area of Nova  

The feedback session

Third Sector Research Centre - Knowledge Portal