Volunteers Week 2018 is taking place from the 1-7 June. This is a time to celebrate and promote the exceptional contributions that volunteers from all around the country make!

To celebrate Volunteers Week in Wakefield, we will be sharing inspiring volunteer stories from within the Wakefield District throughout the week.

Tom Long - Senior Citizens Support Group

We used this on one of our Facebook ads, which caused quite a ripple, and then asked if any members and/or volunteers would like to help to create a choir.

We were astounded when twenty odd said that they would, including five of our male members.

The problem then was to find a teacher but being members of Nova and using the network of members, we found Jenna Fan. Jenna is a very experienced musician and runs a couple of choirs but it is her enthusiasm which captured the imagination of everyone. “I can’t sing” was often heard but Jenna’s riposte is ”you don’t need to be able to sing. I will bring it altogether”.

The first rehearsal was held and the sound was unbelievable, in a very positive way.

It is looking likely that the numbers will settle down at about the twenty mark.

What is so brilliant is that the vast majority of the choir are not only members but also volunteers with the group.

It is very apt that the first public performance by the choir will be at our celebration of Volunteers Week on Wednesday 6 June at 10.00 at Horbury WMC, Cluntergate, Horbury.

We welcome anyone to rehearsals, not necessarily just seniors. Rehearsals are held Thursday at 2pm at Horbury WMC, Cluntergate, Horbury.

Sheila Cocker - Volunteer Gardener at St George's Community Project

Joining St George’s Community Project enabled me to move forward with my life, at a time of great sadness, pain and lack of self-worth, after being widowed.

It made me aware that, by helping others I was healing myself, filling a void of loneliness and isolation, pushing my grief to one side, reconnecting with people.

I hope that I am sharing my passion, to create a more pleasurable surrounding for the rest of the community to enjoy. I hope to carry on for many years and encourage people to join.

Creating beautiful flowers and vegetables is a rewarding and very therapeutic way of dealing with life’s troubles.