Linxs Consultancy has been commissioned by the Office of the West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner to undertake an independent review of Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Services, and would like to hear the views of organisations in the Wakefield District.

You can download a briefing note about the review here for information, which will hopefully give you a good idea what it is about. The review will enable the PCC to have the evidence and information he needs to inform decision making for future services and policy which are often made in collaboration with other partners in the region including the NHS and other PCCs in Yorkshire and the Humber. NHS England and the other OPCCs in the region are aware of the review. For information David Smith from the OPCC is the key contact for this work:

As part of this review process Linxs Consultancy is contacting a wide variety of organisations, including those in the voluntary and community sector, who are delivering, commissioning and influencing services to gain their views and identify their priorities for the future. As an organisation in the Wakefield District who may be providing support to victims/survivors of sexual abuse and violence you may have valuable views to contribute to this review. Linxs Consultancy has developed a survey to assist with gathering these views and it can be accessed via the following link: