World Mental Health Day is taking place on 10 October 2020.

Now more than ever it is important that we all do everything we can to look after our own and other's mental health and wellbeing.

The current coronavirus pandemic can add stress, worry, and anxiety to our lives, so it is incredible important that we have the support we need.

Mental Health Tips

The Mental Health Foundation has published various mental health tips to help us look after our mental health during the current times.

The Foundation has also published tips on looking after your mental health while working during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Local Support

24 hour helpline: 0800 183 0558

If you need help with your mental health or wellbeing there is a 24 hour confidential helpline available to anyone registered with a GP in Barnsley Calderdale Kirklees and Wakefield


WF-I-Can is an online resource for children and young people in Wakefield District. The site has information, support, lots of resources and a live chat function so children and young people can speak to someone if they feel that they are struggling with their mental health.

Wakefield CAHMS resources

The Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) in Wakefield has published lots of mental health resources. These resources can be accessed here and can help:

  • You, if you are a young person wanting some advice or support with your mental health and wellbeing
  • Parents, carers and families of children and young people who may need advice to help support a child or young person with their mental health and wellbeing
  • Professionals including school staff, who want useful information around children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing to support you in your role

Samaritans of Wakefield District

Contact information for the Samaritans is available here.

The Samaritans also have a Self-Help app that can keep track of how you're feeling, and get recommendations for things you can do to help yourself cope, feel better and stay safe in a crisis.

Turning Point Talking Therapies

Turning Point Talking Therapies has published a new series of online workshops.

The details of the online workshops can be accessed on the Turning Point website and topics include:

  • Managing Anxiety & Worry
  • Wellbeing Whilst Working
  • Mindfulness
  • Sleep
  • Assertiveness
  • Body image
  • Mindful Pregnancy
  • Anxiety and Employment Support