Yorkshire Lions Wheelchair Wheelchair Rugby have now returned to training after a break of 17 months. This successful Club are looking for new players and volunteers.

It is a little know fact that we have a very successful wheelchair rugby club based in Wakefield. Yorkshire Lions were formed in 2013 and since that time have built a solid team, joining the National Divisional structure in Division 3 in 2016. After being promoted to Division 2 in the first season they took time to settle against the higher quality competition. But with hard work, commitment and a very closely fought end of season play-off game, they were eventually promoted to Division 1 in 2019.

Yorkshire Lions play the 'paralympic' style wheelchair rugby which is aligned to rugby union and only people with a disability can classify and play. Disabilities of Tetraplegia, Cerebral Palsy and Meningitis typically classify but the club is open to try out anyone with lower limb, torso and upper limb disabilities, but are active as individuals. The game is high tempo and full wheelchair contact is part of the game. Specialist wheelchairs are required as day chairs would not survive the impacts - but the club has spare chairs for loan as new players develop.

The Lions have two young players in the GB Development Squad and are looking for players who may develop into 1st team players, but also to build a squad of new players to form a 2nd team who will begin their journey together in the national development league.

The Club trains each Saturday at Featherstone Sports Centre. Anyone interested in becoming a Player (or a Volunteer) should contact them at yorkshirelionswrc@gmail.com or by calling 07865 960520.