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Pen2Print Publishing are a CIC, not-for-profit and staffed entirely by volunteers, and we can always use more! We provide printing/publishing services locally for authors, sports clubs, small business, community groups etc. Now restrictions are easing we would like to welcome back work experience candidates from local schools and indeed anyone in the community wanting to develop new skills, eg typesetting, binding and finishing and perhaps helping us set up and contributing to our new website.

Pen2Print have been a Nova member since June 2016 - almost 6 years!

What is your organisation’s vision for Wakefield District?
To offer services which help small business and community organisations publicise their services, events and opportunities to help our area stay vibrant and keep small businesses trading. Also to offer a self-publishing service so that the many authors, poets and other artists in the area can bring their work to life with bound books, original posters and so on. This can help establish and promote the area’s widespread artistic talent.

What project are you working on that you’re most proud of?
Pen2Print is proud of every work we publish and every event or business opportunity we help promote. Prior to Covid we were very proud of the work experience placements we offered to schools and the skills training to the wider community. Hopefully it will not be too long before restrictions are permanently lifted and the local community are confident and comfortable enough to take up these opportunities, which we’ll be proud to provide once again.

Fun fact about your organization
While Pen2Print offers a very professional service, we try to put authors at their ease and help them to relax as we prepare their work for publication. Often we do this by relating stories from our past experiences which have a funny side, and laughing about some of the inevitable typing errors in manuscripts. This tends to ease tension and relieve any anxiety they may be feeling about their work.

What do you like about being a Nova member?
Being a member of Nova helps keep Pen2Print in touch with other small, local businesses and community organisations. It enables us to share information and opportunities, and provides a platform where we can offer encouragement and help to each other.

How can local organisations and the public support you?
They can do this not only by using our services for their own printing/copying needs, for sublimation printing on T shirts, mugs etc., copying and book publication; but also by letting others in the community and beyond who have similar requirements know about Pen2Print. Who we are, what we do and the ethos we have in our approach to our service.

If people would like to get involved, how do they contact you?
Of course there is e-mail, info@pen2print.co.uk, telephone 01977 678371 presently between 8.30am and midday, messages will be answered. However, we feel the best way to find out if working with Pen2Print would be good for them is to call in and meet us between the times above. They’ll be very welcome to a cuppa and a chat so they can ‘get a feel’ for how we operate and they’ll know if our volunteering opportunities would suit them. You can find them at 7 Pinewood Place, Knottingley, WF11 0QH.

Thank you to Pen2Print Publishing for getting involved!