Nova works alongside a number of expert organisations in Wakefield district to deliver support to our members and other voluntary organisations:

Get in touch with our partners directly if you have a particular issue which you think they can help with. Our partner organisations are: 

  • Community Foundation for Wakefield District - Access to local funding such as Comic Relief.
  • Pay and Employment Rights Service (PERS) - Provides a range of services on all aspects of employment law and good practice. 
  • West Yorkshire Community Accounting Service (WYCAS) - Supporting organisations to manage their finances more effectively. 
  • Young Lives Consortium - A network of voluntary organisations working with children, young people and families in Wakefield District. 
  • Ladbrook Insurance - Ladbrook Insurance are in partnership with Nova to support and inform members with insurance and risk management issues.

Until June 2015 we also worked with  Fit4Funding, but are very sorry to say that in June 2015 the organisation closed. Nova still intends to commission funding support for local organisations, so please keep an eye on our training and events pages for what is on offer.

Community Foundation for Wakefield District

The Community Foundation for Wakefield District was established in 2007. It is part of a growing network of grant-giving organisations in the UK and worldwide. The Foundation relies on donations from individual and corporate donors, whose generosity supports our grant-making programme.    

They have two key roles. One is to act as a 'Philanthropy Advisor' working in a professional and confidential way with individuals, organisations and companies to establish and then manage a wide range of charitable funds.

The second is to act as the bridge with the local community and voluntary sector, ensuring that grants are used to address real needs and problems. Donors are secure in the knowledge that every penny that they donate is spent directly on supporting local people and every effort is made to ensure Donors are kept in touch with the impact of their giving.

Pay and Employment Rights Service (PERS)

Tel: 01924 428 033

Pay and Employment Rights Service (PERS) (a registered charity) has a long established reputation for providing employment rights advice and training to individuals, advice agencies and employers in all sectors across West Yorkshire. We have been providing high quality employment law advice and HR support since 1986. Our support ensures that organisations are able to manage their employee relations to the highest possible ethical standards and run their organisations effectively and efficiently. PERS responds to over 2,000 requests for advice and support every year and has a large number of repeat clients who depend upon the high quality, jargon-free advice they receive from our professional advisors.

We support and train employers across the region in meeting their legal and ethical responsibilities, advise employees and employers who have queries or concerns about employment, and work to improve employment policies and procedures through research, campaigning, and lobbying.

We provide and guide on a wide range of easy to use template policy documents, to support employers develop their operational and strategic objectives harmoniously with fulfilling their legal obligations.

PERS fills a gap for small organisations that do not have an HR department. We understand the challenges facing small organisations and volunteer management committees in meeting their responsibilities as employers and can provide appropriately tailored support and guidance.

West Yorkshire Community Accounting Service (WYCAS)

Tel: 0113 270 6291

As a charity, West Yorkshire Community Accounting Service (WYCAS) exists to help organisations manage their finances better and allow them to focus on delivering their services. For many in the sector, specialised accounting staff are a luxury and engaging accountancy firms or advisors can have a prohibitive cost, especially in challenging economic times. WYCAS provides a solution by giving organisations access to cost effective specialist financial support.

The aim of  WYCAS is to develop the financial skills and experience of the organisations we serve and make complex financial issues and terminology accessible. The specialist and experienced staff work with over 550 organisations throughout West Yorkshire.

They can help in the following areas:

Supporting operational needs

  • Interim bookkeeping/remedial accounts work
  • Management accounts
  • Implementing new accounting systems

Developing financial management skills and experience

  • One to One training and support at a place to suit you
  • Financial training workshops/courses
  • Good practice publications and advice

Helping meet statutory and funder requirements

  • Preparation of year end accounts
  • Independent examinations
  • Financial governance healthchecks

Supporting changing needs

  • Service costing/pricing
  • Financial modelling/scenario planning
  • Mentoring and coaching finance staff

Young Lives Consortium

Tel: 01924 364 198

Young Lives Consortium is a membership organisation of Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) Groups working with children and young people aged 0-19 years across the Wakefield District.

We work alongside a broad range of services which includes charities, voluntary and community groups, uniform and faith groups providing play, youth services, sports services.

Ladbrook Insurance

Tel: 01909 565 858

Ladbrook Insurance are in partnership with Nova to support and inform members with insurance and risk management issues. Ladbrook Insurance is a Yorkshire insurance broker that specialises in supporting third sector organisations. 

The object of the partnership is to inform and support members regarding the unique risks faced by third sector organisations.

Ladbrook will be providing tailored training sessions for Nova members and providing papers on emerging and important issues in the risk and insurance world. The first session on the subject of risk management will take place on 10 August 2016.