The form below will let you register your organisation as a member of Nova. If your organisation is already registered but you do not have a username and password to log in to the website, please contact your organisation's administrator who will be able to give you the membership key that allows you to create your account details here.

Please note, it may take upto 10 days for your registration to be authorised.

Membership type
Full member

For organisations with more than 50% of clients within Wakefield District.
Full members have access to all Nova member benefits and can apply to take part in Nova contracts by completing the contract section of this application form.

Affiliate member

For organisations with less than 50% of clients within Wakefield District.
Affiliate members have access to public areas of the website and can apply for contract opportunities by completing the contract section of this application form.

Your organisation's details

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For example, if you are often referred to by a set of initials or an acronym then enter that here to help with people searching for your organisation


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If you do, these details will be used in all communication with you

Structure and details

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Income and funding

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About your work

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Service provision
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About you

When you register your organisation we will create an account on the website for you to use when accessing our services and features.

Because you are the person registering, you will be made the primary user for your organisation. This means you will be able to manage other user accounts associated with your organisation (for example, if you want someone else to submit news articles or to complete the diagnostic tool). You will also receive the Membership Key that other members of your organisation will need if they want to access the website.

You will use this to log in to the website, and it will also be used for any communication between the website and yourself, e.g. for resetting your password. It will not be publicly visible anywhere.

Create a password that is at least 7 characters long. Try and avoid "password" or "myname"!

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Online directory

If "Yes" is selected above, at the very least your organisation name, web address, email address and organisation description/type of work will appear in the directory. You can choose to hide certain other bits of information using the options below:

Nova e-bulletin

You will automatically be subscribed to the monthly Nova e-bulletin which contains up to date information about the sector. To opt out please select "No" above

Data protection

Information that you have given on this form will be added to the Nova Wakefield District’s database. Where you have given permission for your information to be used in the Nova online directory of organisations then this information will be publicly available on the Nova Website. Your information may also be used for dealing with enquiries about local groups and included in local directories as appropriate. Information about the size of your organisation, the sectors of population you service, the geographical area you cover and the funds you raise may be used to provide information about the needs of the sector to support its development and we will not identify individual organisations.

Almost there!

When you click the button below, your registration will be reviewed by the admin team. You will receive an email confirming this. The email will include your organisation's Membership Key. You won't be able to log in to the site until you have received this email!