"I just thought you should know that as a result of Dean and I attending a funding seminar organised by Nova earlier this year we have been awarded a grant of £600 to pay for our winter training programme. Keep up the good work."

Ralph Aldred, Yorkshire Visually Impaired Cricket Club - September 2019

"I'm really happy to have found Nova – what a great organisation."

Jan Archbold, Memory Action Group - July 2019

"A short note to say how much Elaine and I enjoyed the Masterclass yesterday. It was extremely well organised by yourself, presented superbly by Andrew and thoroughly, both enjoyable and informative. Elaine, who is our volunteer coordinator felt that she had been re enthused (if such a word exists) after the class. Please thank Andrew and let him know that Elaine thinks that perhaps we should look again at volunteer agreements. I haven’t said yes though at the moment."

Tom Long, Senior Citizens Support Group - October 2017

‘I've met up with Ian again and his support has been invaluable and we're chuffed to have been able to tap into his expertise, support and guidance. He's a real credit to Nova. Hopefully, we'll be sending off our forms tomorrow to set up as a CIC with a view to become a charity at a later stage. Going through the whole process was really helpful to us’.

Ken Stenton, Enabling Youth Through Motocross - June 2016

"Hi all. Just to let people know, we have appointed Nova as our Big Local 'Locally Trusted Organisation' to help us achieve our wishes for what the people would like up on Warwick Estate. Ian Cockerill is our representative and so far his expertise has been invaluable so a big thank you and we all hope for this to continue. WELL DONE IAN!!!!!"

Tony Fort, Chair of the Warwick Ahead Board - June 2016

"Great for networking and to learn from others."

Participant at our Nova Learning and Networking Session - Introduction to Recruiting Volunteers - July 2015

"Made me realise how much there is still to learn. A good starting point."

Participant at our Nova Learning and Networking Session - Communications and Marketing - May 2015

"Refreshingly informal but also interesting and instructive."

Participant at our Nova Learning and Networking Session - Introduction to Fundraising - April 2015

"Your contribution has been enormous:

  • Your ideas you gave that helped us find our feet
  • Your ideas for what we can be doing next so that that the grass does grow under them
  • Your feel for the technical detail around Auto-enrolment for instance and your ability to communicate the pertinent points simply
  • Being an independent person that staff throughout all of the organisations could go to with their concerns.

I think that the fact that people felt comfortable and confident talking these through with you speaks volumes."

Phillip Bransom, CEO Advonet - April 2015

"Really interesting and informative. Very good content for an 'introduction'."

Participant at our Introduction to the Third Sector workshop - February 2015

"Don't think you could make the "Making Meetings Work" Workshop any better. The time scale was good, everything was covered."

Participant at our Making Meetings Work workshop - November 2014

If you have something nice to say about us, we'd love to hear it. Likewise, if you have comments about how we could improve our services, we always listen so do contact us. This link will take you to the contact form.