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Afemai Children's Trust


Afemai Children's Trust (ACT) is a registered charity that works with children in the Afemai area of Edo State, Nigeria, and children living in Yorkshire, United Kingdom. Our goal is to give children the opportunity to better themselves, their families and their communities. Every child has enormous potential to do great things. Their minds are the key to a brighter future for themselves and for everyone around them. Afemai Children's Trust is passionate, committed and determined to make a "real" difference to the children of Afemai and Yorkshire. Through our workshops and events, we are broadening the minds of Yorkshire's children, and making a real difference in their lives. Whether it be through cooking, art or leadership training for example, we are introducing them to other cultures and a world of possibilities.



The Art House
Drury Lane

Beam is the trading name of Public Arts – an arts charity founded in 1986, based in Wakefield, working locally, nationally and internationally. Beam draws upon 30 years of experience linking arts, people and places to develop robust yet flexible approaches to embedding the arts and creativity into the public realm and also respond sensitively to the needs of communities to enhance a wider sense of place.

Brass Bands England

01226 771015

Unit 12, Maple Estate
Stocks Lane
S75 2BL

Brass Bands England works with a wide range of partners in strategic, tactical and informal ways to help share the fun, challenges and rewards of being involved with a brass band. It promotes and shares the brass band story and encourages the support of bands across the country. It is a voice for its bands and its players and it shouts about the life-enhancing benefits of this vital part of its culture.

Castleford Heritage Trust

01977 556741

Queen's Mill
Aire Street
WF10 1JL

Castleford Heritage Trust uses Castleford's heritage and culture to provide community and regeneration projects, environmental improvements and educational opportunities for the benefit of local people and visitors to the town.

CoActive Arts

Belle Isle Christian Centre
Belle Isle Avenue

CoActive is an arts organisation dedicated to working with people with learning disabilities. We provide the opportunity for people in the Wakefield District to engage with the arts for fun, health, or to develop as: dancers, performers, creators, leaders and role models. Members have the opportunity to express themselves creatively, learn new skills and realise their ambitions. Our mission statement: To create a space where the unique humanity, value and potential of each person with learning disabilities is recognised, celebrated and developed. To develop the skills, talents and honour the achievements of people with learning disabilities through public performance, exhibition, training and professional development. To promote awareness and respect, locally, nationally and internationally of the value and creativity of people with learning disabilities.

Crafting4Good CIC


80 Cathedral Walk
The Ridings Shopping Centre (Upper Mall)

Crafting4Good CIC aims to promote wellbeing and positive mental health through creativity. Crafting4Good CIC's new Creative Hub supports community groups and individuals to engage in arts and crafts: Crafting4Good CIC receives donations of unwanted supplies from both individuals and companies, often diverting it from landfill, which it either sells at low-cost to raise funds or distributes for free where possible. Crafting4Good CIC also has an online shop where groups and individuals can download printable activities which can be used time and time again, and the made up items can be sold for fundraising. Working in partnership with other organisations, and depending on resources, Crafting4Good CIC is able to deliver or supply community-based creative sessions, particularly for those in low-income areas.

Dream Time Creative CIC

Dream Time Creative is a social enterprise company (CIC) that works with both public and private funding organisations. Its philosophy is to empower through creativity. Established in 2016 by a group of women who have been delivering creative courses to women with mental health issues in Wakefield and who specialise in empowering the woman's voice, its aim is to enable those who participate in its courses to embrace their creativity and give them confidence to engage with and participate in the wider community.

Edgelands Arts

G27 The Art House
Drury Lane

Edgelands Arts creates culturally connected communities by sharing stories from the edges of cities, communities and countryside. Edgelands Arts collaborates, commissions, creates and co-produces excellent and accessible arts projects which: bring artists and communities together; (re)connect people with each other and the world around them; explore stories of space, place, identity and belonging; and improve the social, cultural and community well-being of people of all ages and abilities.

Friends of Fitzwilliam Station

The aim of the Friends of Fitzwilliam Station is to engage with the community including schools and businesses in Fitzwilliam and surrounding areas to promote and improve Fitzwilliam Station.

Let's Shine


Let's Shine holds monthly music workshops for children with SEND. All activities are differentiated making them as accessible as possible for all participants.

Long Division CIC

Long Division is an organisation that organises an annual Music and Culture Festival in Wakefield City Centre, working with a wide range of sponsors and partners. It conducts additional event management/creative work across the rest of the year.

LonGBoat Wakefield

LonGBoat Wakefield is a new community group set up to nurture, encourage and arrange social activities within the LGBT+ community, providing support within performing and creative arts. The group's aim is to provide performance/rehearsal/exhibition space, materials and advice throughout the year with quarterly concerts, displays and social outings. Culminating in an annual celebration concert of all inclusive talents.