The UK's national volunteering website: exists to promote volunteering opportunities. 


The Do-it volunteering database: 

  • Is cloud-based. 
  • Is free to all volunteer-involving organisations; you don't need a licence, costing £2000, as you did with the old do-it service.*
  • Is available for you to create your own account for your organisation and manage your own opportunities. 
  • Allows you to access and manage enquiries from potential volunteers and respond directly to them. 

If you are part of a national or regional organisation, please check with Do-it if there is already an account for the organisation before you sign up.

*If Nova has been promoting your volunteering opportunities for you on the old Do-it website, please be aware that we are not able to do this for you anymore on the new website.

For more information contact Nova on 01924 367418