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Find specialist help with your finances

Find specialist help with your finances

Finances are an essential part of any VCSE organisation – and can be intimidating.

So we want to remind you of the support available from our partner West Yorkshire Community Accountancy Service (WYCAS). Did you know that our partnership with WYCAS subsidises lower costs for these important services!

We collaborate with WYCAS to make sure you get the best all-round support. For example, WYCAS send us a quarterly report raising any concerns so that our Adviser Team can provide specialist advice.

What can WYCAS offer you?

1. Training

WYCAS have regular training sessions to support people currently using their cashbook or Quickbooks, or wanting to start using them. This is a great space to ask questions and receive support!

2. Accounting services

WYCAS have reopened their books to new organisations looking for support with finances. This could be:

  1. Accounts Preparation
  2. Accounts Preparation and Independent Examination
  3. Accounts Preparation and Tax Computation

3. Quarterly check ins

WYCAS offer a quarterly check in service, available for those using the cashbook and Quickbooks. A WYCAS member of staff will review your finances over the last quarter so any issues can be flagged and addressed early and this does not impact on the production of the year end accounts.

4. Advice with setting up a CIC

We’ll be referring anyone setting up a CIC to WYCAS for some initial advice, to support you in the initial stages.

Apr 12, 2024

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