Why become a Nova member?

Why become a Nova member?

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Nova membership is FREE and provides lots of fantastic benefits to VCSE organisations working within Wakefield District.

Level 1


These benefits are available to you as soon as your membership is approved!
Level 1 Connects with other members and helping us to build a vibrant VCSE sector
Connect with other members and help us to build a vibrant VCSE sector in Wakefield District
Level 1 comes with Support and advice for your organisation
Support and advice for your organisation
Member-only emails offering a first look at funding opportunities, events and more
Receive our monthly newsletter sharing sector news, events, resources, funding and more
Promote your jobs, training and events for free on our website and post on the member noticeboard
Attend our training sessions for free or at a reduced cost for organisations with a higher annual income
Join us at a variety of funders sessions, networking events, info sessions and other great events
Representation of the VCSE sector at strategic boards and groups
Level 1 offers a wide range of resources available on the members area of our website
Use the helpful resources on a variety of topics available on the members area of our website
Group in a training session provided by Nova

Level 2


This level of support is all about coming together to encourage learning, designed with and for organisations across all sectors.
  • Training sessions - free or at a reduced cost for members with a higher income
  • Peer support sessions with other members

Level 3


This is the highest level of support for our members. We encourage members to engage with Level 1 and Level 2 support before considering Level 3.
  • Intensive support around growth and enterprise, and advice addressing any issues your organisation is facing

    Welcome to Nova - Member Induction Sessions

    New Nova member or simply wondering what we do here?

    We deliver regular welcome and induction sessions for members to get to know who we are and what we do.

    Whether you're a new member, an existing member looking for a refresh, or simply interested in our work, this event is your one-stop resource to connect with our vibrant VCSE support community.

    • You’ll be joined by a small number of other members to learn about the support you can access, networking and promotional opportunities in the district, and wider initiatives such as the Third Sector Framework.  
    • Induction sessions create an informal and friendly space to build relationships with the Nova team and grow collaborative thinking with peers in the sector. 

    It's a fantastic opportunity to meet new VCSE colleagues, discover shared interests, and get a taste of what's available at Nova. We’re looking forward to meeting you.

    Invite your team! The more, the merrier as our work supports all sorts of different roles, from volunteer managers to development workers.

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