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Live Well Wakefield Win the 'Partnership Working Excellence' Award

Live Well Wakefield Win the 'Partnership Working Excellence' Award

The Live Well Wakefield team have won a SWYPFT Excellence Award for their Waiting Well project!

A huge congratulations to our colleagues at Live Well Wakefield for their inspiring work with local people waiting for surgery. Connecting them with VCSE organisations will have a long-lasting impact for these people and our sector!

We're so proud of everyone involved, and the outcomes achieved. Special shout out to Gemma Naylor for her hard work on this project.

The Waiting Well project uses social prescribing and self-management to support patients from across Wakefield who have waited more than 52 weeks for surgery that requires an overnight hospital stay. Live Well Wakefield have supported these people to maintain their independence, mobility, finances, relationships, and mental health, as well as helping to reduce falls, support carers, and reduce pressure on local health and care services.

What a difference this project has made!

  • 100% of people achieved their health and wellbeing goal
  • 100% of people experienced improved overall wellbeing
  • 97% of people increased or maintained levels of preparedness/confidence

"I wouldn't have gone out looking for support myself and what I now have in place will help with my recovery.”

Waiting Well is a pilot project across Wakefield District Health and Care Partnership, Live Well Wakefield and Mid Yorkshire Teaching NHS Trust.

Here's a short video about the project that was filmed for the awards...

May 7, 2024

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