Information about

Covid and Me: The Invisible Illness

Schwartz Rounds are a new initiative within health and care systems that aim to improve collaboration and empathy amongst our workforce. They often focus on themes providing a unique opportunity across the NHS, VCSE and others to discuss the emotional challenges we face when working in a safe space.

At each round we have ‘storytellers’ who share their experiences and insights so we can gain a deeper understanding of the complexities involved in care and each other fostering a culture of compassion and collaboration.

Evidence shows that staff who attend Rounds feel less stressed and isolated, with increased insight and appreciation for each other’s roles.

Our next Schwartz Round, is focused on Covid and Me: The invisible illness on 17 June, noon. If you have been or continue to be impacted by covid and would like to attend, please email

They are also looking for ‘storytellers’ for the above round and others where you:

  • can share your story of theme being discussed
  • will be supported by the trained psychologist and trained Schwartz Round practitioner
  • will be reimbursed £75 for your time going to your VCSE organisation

If you would like to become a storyteller and share your story at a Schwartz Round, please email